• ​How do you start meaningful conversations about your relationship with Jesus Christ? God gives you daily opportunities to share His love with others. You don't have to look hard to take advantage of the right moments to help other people find the love and joy of Jesus in their lives. Do you feel nervous about the thought of talking to others about your faith? In Sharing Jesus without Freaking Out, you'll learn how to incorporate biblical stories into conversations with the people in your life. You already have the gifts necessary to share God's love with other people. You don’t need a memorized evangelism script or a tract handy. Simply relax, tell your story, and you might be amazed at how natural it can be to share Jesus.





CLASSES ARE EACH SUNDAY EVENING FROM 5:30-6:30 in the Worship Center. 


Classes begin on Sunday, January 21st and end on March 18th.  YOU CAN JOIN Anytime!


Books are optional and available for purchase In the Church Lobby for $5