Click the image above to watch a short video outlining our plan to move through this time.

Updates and Information

  • Way to Give #1: Backpacks of Blessing

    (Supporting 300 Local Foster Kids)

    Grab a backpack Nov. 8 - 15. Fill it with items from the list and return it by Nov. 22.

  • Way to Give #2: Youth Against Violence

    (Supporting 60 Local At-Risk Kids)

    Grab a ornament off of the tree Nov. 22 - Dec. 6. Purchase and return a wrapped gift (up to $25) by Dec. 9.

  • Way to Give #3: SBC's Lottie Moon Christmas Offering (Supporting 3,615 International Missionaries)

    Give online at or in-person to support Southern Baptist missionaries throughout the world. Our goal is $20,000.

  • Way to Give #4: Golden Dome Scholarship Fund

    (Supporting 177 Crossroads Baptist School Students)

    Donate through or by calling 229.247.5285. Intent to donate paperwork is due by the end of Dec. Funds are due to the scholarship fund within 60 days of GA Department of Revenue approval (usually due by mid-March). Limits apply based on your GA tax liability and filing status. Donors may be eligible for a 2021 GA tax credit. Contact Golden Dome (229.247.5285) or Pastor Mark (229.242.7636) for details.

  • Way to Give #5: End-of-Year Tithes and Offerings

    (Supporting Our Mission to Spread the Gospel in Our Campus, City, and World)

    Give online at or in-person to support the ministries of Crossroads. The more that is given means the more that we can share God's love with others. Our goal is your joy through generosity! 

  • Our Next C.O.W. is November 15 @ 5 p.m.

    C.O.W. was such a success last time, we've already scheduled another one! Join us November 15, from 5-6 p.m., on the Front Lawn for Crossroads Outdoor Worship!

    Add it to your calendar, then invite a friend and bring a chair!

  • **Join our ladies for a time of worship and teaching. We will be hosting Beth Moore's "Living Proof" simulcast on Oct 10, 2020. It will start at 10 a.m. and continue until 4:15 p.m. with a break for lunch. **

    **There are 2 options to participate in this wonderful discipleship event! **

    Option 1: You can meet with us in the Worship Center at Crossroads and socially distance. Snacks will be provided and a boxed lunch will be available for an additional $5.

    Option 2: If you are not comfortable meeting with us in-person, you can stream it from your home. We'll provide you with a link to watch the event with us.

    Register to sign up now and then invite your friends!

  • 9.13.2020: We have a new Sunday Service Schedule

    Our new Sunday service schedule now includes a third service. Our service times are 8:30,10:00, and 11:30 a.m.

  • 6.19.2020

    Click on this link to watch a six-minute video on our social distancing process for Sunday services. And yes, it's a little silly! You can reserve your spot(s) for in-person worship by clicking here. In-person spots are available for the following Sunday on Mondays at 8:00 a.m.

  • 5.22.2020

    Please click here for an update from Dr. Ken about reopening the church. 

  • 4.23.2020

    Please click here for an update from Dr. Ken about reopening the church. 

  • 4.7.2020

    Due to the current health risk and stay-at-home order from Governor Kemp, the Church Office will be closed until further notice. Our pastors and support staff will be working remotely from their homes. 

    You can still contact us by calling 229.242.7636 or emailing

  • 4.5.2020

    Based on Gov. Kemp's recent order, our school will not meet back in-person for the remainder of the academic year. Many teachers will provide additional study material through Mid-May. Tuition is prorated for April and May. We look forward to seeing all of our returning students back on Aug. 3. Forms and additional information are available on our school web page

  • 4.3.2020

    Take a moment to remember and pray for our SBC missionaries who are scattered throughout North America and the world sharing the Good News of Jesus. CLICK HERE TO WATCH A MISSIONS MOMENT ABOUT AN SBC MISSIONARY. 

  • 3.27.2020

    Take a moment to remember and pray for our SBC missionaries who are scattered throughout North America and the world sharing the Good News of Jesus. CLICK HERE TO WATCH A MISSIONS MOMENT ABOUT AN SBC MISSIONARY. 

    **Serve Opportunity**

    If you would like to find a way to serve your community during the COVID-19 Crisis, there are opportunities to give blood through both LifeSouth and the Red Cross. Many remote blood drives have been cancelled, but the need for blood continues. These groups provide good social distancing measures. If you are healthy and able to, you can make an appointment and give!

    Here are some links to schedule an appointment:

    LifeSouth's 301 Woodrow Wilson Dr. Center:

    Red Cross' 2517 Bemiss Road Center

    Have a blessed day!

    #MissionMoment #GoCrossroads

  • 3.25.2020

    Online Schedule


    Sunday Morning Worship Service (

    Kids Connect Groups (Will recommend a RightNow Media video)

    Youth Connect Group ( and

    College Connect Group (via, contact Pastor Matt Gay to be added to the invite)


    Crossroads Kids “Children’s Moment” (


    Crossroads Kids “Children’s Moment” (

    Staff’s News & Update (


    Crossroads Kids “Children’s Moment” (

    Venture Clubs (

    Youth Collide ( and

    College Bible Study ( and

    Wednesday Night Adult Bible Study (


    Crossroads Kids “Children’s Moment” (


    Missions Moment ( and

    Digital Touchpoints

    Website Primary source for information

    Church Facebook Updates & announcements

    Church Twitter Updates & announcements

    Church Vimeo Videos & service archives

    Kids Facebook Discipleship videos for kids

    Kids YouTube Discipleship videos for kids

    Youth Instagram Discipleship videos for students

    College Instagram Discipleship videos for students

    RightNow Media Account sign-up for RightNow Media discipleship videos

    If you are not able to view the Sunday Worship Service or Wednesday Night Bible Study online, you can request a DVD from the church office.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to any staff member at or 229.242.7636 (church office).

  • 3.24.2020


    First off, we wanted to let you know that one of our members, Cynamon Willis, was diagnosed with COVID-19 last week. She is on the mend and is recovering well at home after being released from SGMC yesterday. For those of you who might be worried about contact, she last attended church on March 1 (several weeks before her symptoms developed). We praise God that none of her family members have shown symptoms over these last few weeks and for her speedy recovery!

    Church Outreach via Telephone

    Over the last week, our Adult Connect Groups Leaders and Deacons have attempted to contact the households of every member and regular attender. If they didn’t get a hold of you, they probably left a voicemail or sent you an email. Please reply back to them so that they know you received the message. Thank you for everyone who has already responded back! We received very few requests for additional assistance, but most were happy that we reached out.

    Lowndes County & State of Georgia Update

    Our staff has connected with Lowndes County’s Emergency Management Agency. Here are some highlights from our local government(s):

    • Please check on the source of rumors and updates. BE AWARE OF SCAMMERS. If news is extremely good or extremely concerning, it needs to be verified by an official source. FEMA has a great website for rumor information on the national level. Lowndes County EMA has a Facebook page that is updated regularly with local information.
    • Georgia has 1,026 cases (32 deaths, 3.12%); Lowndes has 8 confirmed cases.
    • Please don’t meet in large groups. (e.g. block parties).
    • Governor Kemp has ordered that medically fragile people should shelter-in-place and that businesses (and churches) should have no more than 10 people together unless 6 feet of social distancing is available.

    If you feel that you need to shelter in place and need assistance with transportation or food delivery, please feel free to reach out to your church family. If you are part of a Connect Group, they may be able to help. You can also reach out to the deacon who contacted you this last week. The church office can also deploy resources to you as needed.

  • 3.19.2020

    Dear Crossroads Family,

    We hope you are well and at peace during this time of uncertainty. Our Lord reigns – especially in the midst of trouble! The purpose of this letter is to notify you of how Crossroads Baptist Church will seek to minister during this time with no in-person meetings.

    Here’s the bottom-line up front: We are changing HOW we do church ministries for at least the next eight weeks, but NOT stopping our discipleship process or sharing the love of Jesus with our community. As of now, our expectation is that there will be no in-person meetings at Crossroads until at least May 16th. Of course, that date is only an educated guess. No one but God knows when the current COVID-19 pandemic will end.

    The graph below is very important to illustrate why we’re taking these measures. As a nation, we are protecting lives (getting patients the medical care they need) by taking EXTRAORDINARY measures to slow the transmission of COVID-19. Without stopping in-person meetings for a time (at the request of our President, Governor, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the small percentage of people who will have severe complications from COVID-19 will overwhelm our nation’s ICU beds and available ventilators.

    There are probably going to be a lot of people who have the virus and feel fine but spread it to our vulnerable populations. Thank you for being willing to heed the recommendations of our governmental officials and medical professionals! 

    Here’s our Crisis Response Plan at Crossroads to meet needs for the next eight weeks. Of course, it may be modified based on how our future situation changes.

    Goal 1: Maintain Focus on God by discipling all members weekly and spreading the gospel to our community whenever possible.

    Goal 2: Increase a Sense of Community by over-communicating to members and regular attenders and empowering groups to serve continuously.

    Goal 3: Alleviate Suffering by meeting physical/emotional/spiritual needs and outreaching/serving whenever possible.

    Phase 1: March 16 – 21 - PLANNING

    • A church-wide needs assessment will be conducted.
    • Staff will prepare and plan for future phases.
    • We will seek to update members’ contact information and communication preferences.
    • Staff will generate ideas for discipling and ministering during the crisis

    What to expect during this phase:

    • Adult Connect Group Leaders and Deacons will reach out to households to check on you.
    • Videos of sermons and Bible studies will begin to be posted on and available via a mailed DVD upon request.
    • Our staff will begin to create and post/send out discipleship materials for Children, Youth, College, and Adult students.
    • Prayer for specific requests will be available.
    • Counseling via telephone will be available.
    • The church office will be open during normal business hours (M-Th: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.; F: 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.).

    Phase 2: March 22 - May 15 (Tentatively) - CRISIS OPERATIONS

    • Regular check-ins and updated needs assessments will be conducted.
    • We will seek to meet church member/regular attender needs as well as community needs.
    • We will seek opportunities to serve our community.
    • We will seek to share the gospel whenever possible.

    What to expect during this phase:

    • Adult Connect Group Leaders and Deacons will periodically reach out to households to check on you.
    • Videos of sermons and Bible studies will be posted on and available via a mailed DVDs upon request.
    • Our staff will post and/or send out discipleship materials for Children, Youth, College, and Adult students.
    • Requests to give online and pre-addressed giving envelopes will be mailed out to those who give tithes and offerings to the church via check or cash.
    • Prayer for specific requests will be available.
    • Counseling via telephone will be available.
    • The church office will be open during normal business hours.

    Phase 3: May 16-31 (Tentatively) - RECOVERY

    • Sunday morning services can begin.

    What to expect during this phase:

    • If possible, we will begin to reopen the campus for worship. We may restart “simply” at first (e.g. no Connect Groups or choir the first week or two – depending on the availability of workers and choir members, etc.) as we reassess our ability to carry out all of our ministry functions with excellence.
    • Digital and online posting will begin to decrease.
    • In-person meetings with staff for counseling and prayer will be available.
    • The church office will continue to be open during normal business hours.

    Phase 4: June 1 - Forward (Tentatively) - STABILIZE

    • Weekly scheduled events and summer activities will continue as we are able.

    What to expect during this phase:

    • Hopefully, everything will begin to operate as we did before the crisis.


    Here are the points of connection Crossroads will establish during the crisis:

    • Our website. The website will be updated with discipleship information regularly.
    • Mass text and emails. These will be sent periodically highlighting new resources that are available and information of significance. If you are not receiving these, but would like to, please contact the church office at 229.242.7636 or to verify your contact information.
    • Our Adult Connect Group Leaders and Deacons. They will periodically check in with households.
    • Church Staff. We will be available whenever possible to coordinate ministries and provide counseling. Please contact us via the church office.

    Our Church’s Prayer Ministry will continue. You can submit prayer needs by calling 229.249.PRAY (7729) or submitting them online at

    Psalm 89:8-9 “O Lord God of hosts, who is mighty as You are, O Lord, with Your faithfulness all around you? You rule the raging of the sea; when its waves rise, You still them.”

    You are loved, cared for, and prayed for!"

    Now is the time for the church to BE the church and spread the good news of Jesus! Let’s go!

    May God grant us His peace in these trying times!