Thank you for your interest in our Senior Pastor Position!

Crossroads Baptist Church is prayerfully pursuing candidates to be our next senior pastor. At the bottom of this page you will find a position description and other important information about our selection process.

Our resume submission deadline is March 31, 2021. After that, we will be evaluating candidates.

Our church is praying for you!

    Senior Pastor Position Description

    The Senior Pastor at Crossroads Baptist Church will provide spiritual and organizational leadership by preaching the Gospel and communicating the vision for the church. He will lead the staff by example (spiritually, personally, and professionally). He will build a strong relational and spiritual rapport with the congregation and ministry leaders. The Senior Pastor will also help to authentically inspire, encourage, equip, empower, and lead the congregation to fulfill the vision that God has given them.

    1. Prays for clear direction in leading the church vision.
    2. Plans for God’s will for the church and staff moving forward to achieve the vision, goals, and objectives.
    3. Prepares and preaches biblical messages.
    4. Promotes Crossroads to the community and builds relationships with other Christian organizations.
    5. Pursues personal education and spiritual growth.
    6. Supervises the executive pastor (and the other staff through him).
    7. Moderates (or appoint a moderator for) quarterly and specially called business meetings.
    8. Leads the church in functioning as a New Testament church.
    9. Leads the congregation and church staff in performing their ministry tasks.
    10. Leads worship, proclamation, education, and pastoral ministries.

    1. He will have a proven track record of leadership, organizational development, and effective communication.
    2. Has a personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
    3. Prioritizes his own spiritual growth through prayer, fasting, stewardship, and other disciplines as outlined in Scripture.
    4. Demonstrates the qualities of integrity, humility, responsibility, and servanthood.
    5. Possesses strong relational skills and a love for people inside and outside the church.
    6. Is a disciple-maker, who creates and grows discipleship through leadership and communication; he practices personal evangelism.
    7. Has a proven heart and track record for supporting, promoting, and engaging in Gospel missions.
    8. Collaborates well with others and is teachable.
    9. Possesses excellent communication skills in writing and speaking.
    10. Fully aligned with and supportive of the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.
    11. Provides a demonstrated commitment to lifelong learning and personal development.
    12. Possesses 10+ years of (ordained) pastoral ministry experience.
    13. Possesses an undergraduate degree (required) and a seminary degree (preferred).
    14. Meets the qualifications listed in Titus 1:5-9, 1 Tim. 3:1-7, and 1 Peter 5:1-4.

    The Senior Pastor is accountable to the Personnel Oversight Team and then to the congregation.

    Competitive salary
    Subsidized health insurance
    403(b) retirement contribution
    Ministry stipend
    Paid time off

    Our senior pastor, of 15 years, retired last summer and we're ready to identify and call the man who will lead us into the next phase of our ministry here in South Georgia. Crossroads Baptist Church is a church in transition. We are currently led by a transitional pastor who is preaching, mentoring staff, and guiding a large church team toward forming a 5-year ministry vision. We believe that God is working in the hearts of our members to focus them on the future that God wants for us. We believe that God will help us identify the senior pastor who will lead us toward fulfilling the church’s vision.

    Crossroads has 1,300 members and, pre-COVID, had a Sunday morning attendance of 550. We have three services on Sunday mornings and activities throughout the week. Crossroads operates an elementary school with 200 students and partners with a dozen parachurch organizations to help meet physical needs and carry the Gospel forward – from our campus to our city and the world. We use the Southern Baptist Convention’s Baptist Faith and Message 2000 as our doctrinal statement.

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    • March 2021: Candidate résumés are collected.
    • April 1-18: Senior Pastor Search Team (SPST) reviews résumés and identifies a small group of candidates to review further. All candidates are notified of their status.
    • April 19-30: SPST conducts an in-depth review of videos, reviews additional questionnaires, and interviews candidates via Zoom/phone.
    • May 1-15: SPST identifies one person to pursue. They conduct in-depth interviews, a credit report, a background check, visit, etc. All candidates are notified of their status.
    • May 16-31: If necessary, the SPST pursues back-up candidate(s).
    • June 2021: Invite candidate in view of a call, town hall, meet and greet events, and church vote.
    • July 2021: Moving and orientation – celebration!
    • August 1, 2021: Our church is prayerfully planning a ministry relaunch with our ministries fully engaged (post-COVID)

    1. Applicants are encouraged to apply via email (
    2. Please provide a cover letter, résumé, picture, video links (if desired), and statement of faith
    3. We will acknowledge receipt of your resume
    4. Please be patient as we move through our selection process