Foundations of

Crossroads Baptist School

  • Accreditation

    While we believe that secular accreditation is not necessary for academic excellence, we also find value in being accountable to specific standards of educational excellence. CBS meets the Georgia Accrediting Commission’s highest elementary school standard: “Accredited with Quality.”   

  • Theological Foundations

    Crossroads Baptist School is distinctly Christian and Baptist in its theological beliefs. While we educate students of all faiths and employ teachers from other Christian denominations, we are unashamedly Southern Baptist. Both our church and school subscribe wholeheartedly to the Southern Baptist Convention’s “Baptist Faith and Message” (2000)

  • Organization

    Crossroads Baptist School (CBS) is a ministry organization of Crossroads Baptist Church (CBC) located in Valdosta, Georgia. It is aligned theologically and organizationally with the Southern Baptist Convention, the Georgia Baptist Convention, and the Valdosta Baptist Association.

    CBS is led by a Principal who supervises staff, sets and enforces policies, and manages its budget. The Principal is overseen by CBC’s School Committee and Administration & Outreach Pastor. CBC’s Finance and Personnel Committees have final authority over all matters of finance and personnel respectively.

  • Vision, Mission, & Goals

    Our vision is that every student and staff member becomes a champion for Jesus Christ. 

    Our mission is to minister to students and families with a program built on faith in Jesus Christ and academic excellence.   

    Our goal is to graduate students who have a strong faith in Jesus Christ and who excel in academics and in their grasp of a biblical world view.