Connect Groups

Connect Groups are where you connect with God and connect with others at Crossroads. Connect Groups are a great opportunity for you to dive deeper into relationships and God's word. Our Connect Groups are also a place where others stand alongside us and encourage us to live on mission for Jesus

We believe there is a Connect Group for everyone! We offer groups both at 9:00 a.m. and at 10:30 a.m. so that you may worship at one time and join a Connect Group during the other. We have classes for all ages. The adult life stages listed below are a general age range for the class; however, we encourage you to find a class where you will be able to live on mission together. 

For adults just starting out or returning from a pause in their discipleship journey, the Pastor's Class may be for you. It is an overview of all 66 books of the Bible. For others, one of the other groups may work great for you. We encourage you to find a group that helps you connect and encourages you in your faith journey. 

If you have children or students, check out the wonderful groups we have available. Come and be a part of our family and be encouraged to grow in Christ!

9:00 a.m.



Teacher: Pastor Matt Gay
Lifestage: College
Location: The Connection

Median Adults

Teacher: Chuck Rigoni
Lifestage: Ages 55-70
Location: The Bridge - Room 701

Nearly/Newly Married

Teacher: Jeff & Beth Ford / Jody & Christie Allen
Lifestage: Ages 22-35
Location: The Bridge - Room 703

The Branches

Teacher: Tyson McLane
Lifestage: Ages 70-80
Location: Fellowship Hall - Room 111

Young Adults

Teacher: Gage Barnes
Lifestage: Ages 25-35
Location: The Bridge - Room 702

Faith Keepers

Teacher: Danny Helms
Lifestage: Ages 70+
Location: Fellowship Hall - Room 112

Young Professionals (Singles)

Teacher: Ken & Susan White
Lifestage: 20s & 30s
Location: Fellowship Hall - Room 114

10:30 a.m.


Median Adults

Teacher: Buddy Brazeal
Lifestage: Ages 65+
Location: Fellowship Hall - Room 112


Teacher: Laura Howard
Lifestage: Ages 40+
Location: The Bridge - Room 701

Median Adults

Teacher: Stuart Hasty
Lifestage: Ages 40-60
Location: The Bridge - Room 704


Teacher: Blake Allen
Lifestage: Middle & High School
Location: The Connection

Young Families (with Students)

Teacher: Blake Thompson
Lifestage: Ages 35-45
Location: The Bridge - Room 702

Median Adults

Teacher: Charlie & Michele Hoes
Lifestage: Ages 45-60
Location: The Bridge - Room 705

Young Adults

Teacher: Clint Bowen
Lifestage: 30-40
Location: The Bridge - Room 703