Timothy Stroud

Timothy Stroud
Candidate for Worship Pastor

Timothy grew up in Athens, AL which is where he first came to know the Lord. Over the course of his childhood, he grew to love singing, and as he got older, this developed into a passion for leading worship.

As a son of a worship pastor of over twenty years, Timothy has been surrounded by music and the church throughout his life. He graduated from the University of Mobile in Mobile, AL in May of 2021 with a degree in Worship Leadership.

While at the University of Mobile, he met his beautiful wife, Lauren, who also graduated with a degree in Worship Leadership and is very passionate about using her gifts and talents for the Lord. Timothy and Lauren both traveled with the Voices of Mobile while at the University of Mobile under the tutelage of Dr. Roger Breland for several years.

Having been married for going on six months, they are figuring out married life one day at a time and are loving every minute of it. Timothy’s hobbies primarily include singing and playing disc golf whereas Lauren’s hobbies extend from singing to being a social butterfly and hosting events. They both love the outdoors, whether it’s hiking or sitting by the beach.

The desire of Timothy's heart is to use his God-given talent and ability to glorify God in every way, including musically.